The Recombobulation Area Wins Three Milwaukee Press Club Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism Awards

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Greetings, readers!

We have some news: The Recombobulation Area has won three Milwaukee Press Club Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism Awards.

The Milwaukee Press Club today announced finalists for its 91st Annual competition. Each finalist will win a gold, silver or bronze award, so we are guaranteed to come home with some hardware. 

The three awards are: Best Column (Writing), Best Single Editorial, Statement of Editorial Position or Opinion (Writing), and Best Column (Online). 

The Best Single Editorial award is for this column: ‘Wisconsin Is Now the Epicenter for Coronavirus in America.’

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This is a pretty big deal for us here at The Recombobulation Area. When we launched this project, we said we would start small, start independently, and build one piece at a time. As an independently produced publication, this is a really nice piece to add as we continue to build.

I keep saying “we” because this is truly a team effort. It starts with my family. My wife and daughters (pictured above) bring me unending support for this project, even if it means I’m sleepy and stressed after a long night of writing. They are the true source of inspiration for The Recombobulation Area, and not a single column would be a reality without them (especially my wife, Katie, the column’s true editor). My sister and brother have backed this effort every step of the way. Close friends and supporters have been crucial to this project’s success. These columns may have one name on the byline, but this is far from a solo project. This is a big win for all of us, and I am endlessly grateful to the team that makes this happen. 

Finally, this would not be possible without you. This publication is funded entirely by readers, and we have the very best readers here at The Recombobulation Area. To the thousands of you who back this project: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support means the world, and that support is making a real difference in bringing something new (and award-winning!) to the media landscape of Milwaukee and Wisconsin. 

We’ve got something good here, folks. Let’s keep it going. 

With endless gratitude,

Dan Shafer is a journalist from Milwaukee who writes and publishes The Recombobulation Area. He previously worked at Seattle Magazine, Seattle Business Magazine, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine, and BizTimes Milwaukee. He’s also written for The Daily Beast, WisPolitics, and Milwaukee Record. He’s on Twitter at @DanRShafer.

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