The Recombobulation Area returns: Send in your questions for our reader mailbag!

In these discombobulating times, let’s recombobulate together.

The Recombobulation Area is a weekly opinion column by veteran Milwaukee journalist Dan Shafer. Learn more about it here.

Greetings folks, and welcome back to The Recombulation Area. As regular readers know, I have taken some away from writing this weekly column while my wife and I celebrate the arrival of our baby girl. It has truly been a time of joy (and sleeplessness), and I appreciate all of you sticking around as subscribers as our family has shared this time together. 

But now, it’s time to turn the lights back on here at Recombobulation Area headquarters and start churning out those weekly opinion columns once again. To get back at it, though, I’m going to need your help. That means it’s time for a mailbag. 

There is so much happening right now. From Governor Evers’ new state budget proposals to coronavirus and vaccinations to the fallout from the Big Lie and the insurrection at the Capitol, there is much to discuss at this moment. 

So send in your questions to, tweet them to me at @DanRShafer, find us on Instagram at @therecombobulationarea, or leave a comment below. 

The news can be pretty discombobulating, to be sure. But that’s why we’re here. Let’s recombobulate, together.

Dan Shafer is a journalist from Milwaukee who writes and publishes The Recombobulation Area. He previously worked at Seattle Magazine, Seattle Business Magazine, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine, and BizTimes Milwaukee. He’s also written for The Daily Beast, WisPolitics, and Milwaukee Record. He’s on Twitter at @DanRShafer.

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