The "Expanding the Divide" Series: Recap

The Recombobulation Area's multi-part series on the proposed expansion of the East-West corridor of Interstate 94 in Milwaukee is now complete. Read it all here.

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The Recombobulation Area’s “Expanding the Divide” series, on the proposed expansion of the East-West corridor of Interstate 94 in Milwaukee, with particular focus on the opposition effort, is now complete.

But the story surrounding the proposed expansion of this highway is not yet finished. The start date of the project has been delayed to 2022, and a public process to discuss the proposal in the months to come has been promised by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and state and local leaders. The federal infrastructure bill is still in flux. And it remains to be seen if the U.S. Department of Transportation or the Federal Highway Administration will have a say in this project. The likely outcome is still the likely outcome, but there is much still to be decided, and the expansion vs. modernization debate is one Milwaukee needs to be having.

We’ll surely be keeping an eye on all of that here at The Recombobulation Area (and over on Twitter) in the months to come.

For now, we wanted to offer you a fast and easy way to access this series from one place. So here are links to each part of the “Expanding the Divide” series.


Does Milwaukee Want To Widen I-94? Introducing the 'Expanding the Divide' Series
Introducing "Expanding the Divide," a multi-part series on the proposed expansion of the 3.5-mile East-West corridor of Interstate 94 in Milwaukee.

Part I

Inside the Opposition to the Billion-Dollar Highway Expansion in Milwaukee
We have arrived at a juncture where the opposition to this project warrants greater examination. This is Part I of the "Expanding the Divide" series.

Part II

Looking Down the Road: What Does the Future Hold for the I-94 East-West Expansion Proposal in Milwaukee?
Part II of The Recombobulation Area's "Expanding the Divide" series takes a closer look at where the rubber meets the road for the proposed highway expansion in Milwaukee.


Tear Down the Stadium Freeway in Milwaukee
Milwaukee now has an opportunity to rethink the I-94 expansion project, so let’s think big. The Stadium Freeway should be converted to a boulevard. Part of the "Expanding the Divide" series.


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